Olives 'n Oil

Ever wonder why schools all across the country start when the summer is winding down to fall and not at the beginning of the calendar year? Some say it is because in very early days children would help with harvesting of crops and the labor was not as necessary as the weather changed into the fall and winter months. Some sources say that the first schools in the United States started in the late 1800s in cities with higher populations and less farming. 

The beginning of a new year has started in the home of Olives 'n Oil with the first baby jumping out the nest to her first year in College. First year of High School for the bean sprout in the middle. Should be a fun year for him and little sis owning their own places in separate spaces.. 

A new year means, new organization in mind and matter. Calendars refreshed, friendships organized, tools resharpened and new habits formed, are all common practices for those looking towards the months ahead. Sounds kinda like New Year's resolutions doesn't it? Good thing that it happens 3/4 the way through the calendar year, gets us ready for the real thing. 

Written by Roxana Vandermark — August 25, 2013

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