Olives 'n Oil

Today shoulda been just like any other. As usual, it wasn't. Not sure if it was cause I was completely late for work. I thought I was scheduled for a completely different shift, or cause there was a predicted change at my job. There was this feeling of "oh well" when I finally made it work(two hours late). It was not the usual panic that I woulda expected from myself with making such an amateur mistake in misreading my week. 

Nope, today was particularly different. Maybe cause the sun wasn't blaring down on my windshield as I navigated the familiar north Texas highway anticipating another "hot" one per the talk radio forecast.  Ah, that was it, no country station this AM? 

Perhaps because it was the Friday before things start getting crazy in anticipation for a new school year for the kiddos...one heading to college, one to high school, and one proud baby filling in her siblings' shoes left behind on the middle school track team.

It was the understatement for new independence of making a tiny dream a big reality.  This website finding it's place in the world finally.  The realization that I needed an experienced CS rep to show me the final steps for displaying to the world what it really was all about.  Now, today was the day it starts.

Written by Roxana Vandermark — August 09, 2013

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