Olives 'n Oil

It has been a while since I have sat down to write about the latest in the world of Olives 'n Oil. For those who know me I am certain can understand that I like to get my hands in a lot of things. Olives 'n Oil has kept me grounded even though I enjoy being part of the branches and leaves that keep sprouting in my life. 

We have moved into a new home in the same city and planted our traveling Arbequina tree in the front yard. It has grown so many new leaves over the summer which reflects the growth of Olives 'n Oil. Earlier this year Olives 'n Oil started new roots at the Little Elm Farmer's Market and have met so many new friends. The town of Little Elm has proven to have some of the most loyal individuals we have ever encountered since attending Farmer's Markets. 

Olives 'n Oil took the annual trek down to Nacadoches for the Blueberry Festival, watched fireworks over the Prosper sky for the 4th of July celebration, traveled to the large city of Houston to be part of the small town of Fulshear Farmer's Market and attended the first annual Farmer's Market hosted by the resturant that inspired it all. The future events continue to fill the calendar. This has been exciting times for Olives 'n Oil and I can't wait to see where it takes us next!

Written by Roxana Vandermark — September 25, 2015

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