Olives 'n Oil

Progress, right? It is nearly half way through 2014, so much done and so much to complete/accomplish. Olives 'n Oil has attended 8 Farmer's Market events this summer.  We will be attending this Sunday in Fairview and a special trip to the Blueberry Festival in Nacogdoches, TX for Father's day weekend. Keep your eyes on Facebook for the latest Olives 'n Oil adventures at these events... What is really getting the excitement ramped up is the exploratory trip to the San Francisco Bay and Napa area. 

With that, I will be shifting my focus on Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the USA, California, Georgia and Florida. There is so much to understand about the industry from the differences in Olives and their oil, to the planting, growing and harvesting methods. The health benefits vary as well, variety has always been the spice to life in my book. 

This website will aways be a promotion to the farmer who believes in doing it right in their eyes and being able to keep that focus for generations to come. Good food comes from the heart and encourages the heart to be content with perfection. 

Written by Roxana Vandermark — June 07, 2014

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