Olives 'n Oil

How do you know you will enjoy the taste of real Extra Virgin Olive Oil? For starters, you must be sure it's real. Visit the source if possible, taste it straight out the bottle. Compare the taste of what you thought was real to what you know. For some, there is little difference, for others, the difference could change the way they view a lot of so called "real" products available. It really is a personal choice and preference, and that is all that matters after all. 

This journey actually started at a tequila tasting at a local favorite restaurant. The dining is always true and honest down to sometimes shaky service. The tequila was presented in a true and honest fashion with representatives who were your best buddy within 5 minutes of a friendly smile. The tequila ambassador and master distiller spoke of the source of tequila like it was their life story, which it was in a way. Generations of family and friends working together for one common goal, to support each other the only way they know how, making tequila by hand and being very proud of it. 

Tequila is just one of may products available that has been marketed to suit the needs of a huge industry. The perception can be based on experience that it will always have a certain taste and effect. It is what you believe to be important which is what you will praise and no one should convince you otherwise. 

Written by Roxana Vandermark — January 13, 2014

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